Meet Our Wonderful Horses

Meet Indy

Hi I am Indy and I love to roll after my lessons, even if you groom me when my lesson is over, I still want to show you how I scratch my back. I am alot of fun to ride but you have to play my game before you can. My game is called “catch me, catch me if you can” See you soon!

Meet Buddy

Buddy – commonly called bouncy Buddy because he is bouncy to ride and the children usually start to giggle when they ride him, most kids find him to be the favorite.

Meet Rocky

Hi I am Buddy's older brother, we look a lot alike, but we don't act alike. I like children who just want to take their time. Buddy and I are professional school ponies and we started working 20 years ago. If you want to know what we know come take a ride with us.

Meet Osa

Hi I am Osa, I am a retired race horse my favorite inspirational movie is Secretariat. No I am not as fast as Secretariat but my heart always wants to win, I give 100% when being ridden. I am very tall and I can move at great speed, so my riders know to hold on tight.

Meet Lilly

Lilly all patient and forgiving pony who is happy to please. The kids love to ride her bareback because she will stop if they start to fall off.

Meet Casper

Hi I am Casper, I am the only son of Molly and the only brother of two sisters (Sheba and Lily). I like to have all the attention so that is why commonly you will see me in classes all by myself. I am very good for advance riders to learn on because I like to trot a lot.

Meet Stormy

Stormy is the biggest pony he is a lot of fun for children learning how to canter. He is also fun to ride when your a little kid and are ready for a big pony.

Meet Chevy

Chevy is Stormy’s younger brother, he enjoys stealing a kiss now and then.

Meet Sheba

I am the baby here at Little Dude Ranch. My name really is She Be a Beauty Star. The kids couldn't decide if it should be Beauty or Star so with a little blend of names they came up with Sheba.

Meet Bailey

Hi I'm an indian princess pony, I have a mohawk, short tail and striped hooves. Kids enjoy riding me bareback.

Meet Gran Chandeliera "Tara"

Hi I am Tara the founder of LDR, I use to do all the work; pony rides, lessons, parties etc. The work became to much and more staff was needed. Because I am most gentle commonly I am asked to take care of the beginners that are to big for a pony.

Meet Alexanders Money "Alex"

Hi I am Alex and I am the son of Tara. I am so much like my mom but I am bigger and stronger than her because my father is a big Quarter horse. Mom is an Arabian. Mom and I are the lead horses at the farm.